Monday, June 16, 2008

Gillie got a surprise tonight!

She LOVED her 1st grade teacher before we moved.Heck,I loved her teacher,Mrs Williams.

Well,Mrs Williams has family about 30 mins from us so she came and visited us today.I didnt tell Gillian b/c I wanted to surprise her,and it was so funny.Gillie had a weird reaction-it was like she was totally confused and couldnt place her.When she finally figured it out it was SO cute-she was so excited and couldnt get enough of her.

Pics arent all that great..but theyre here for the memories.I got all teary eyed.

They were our first visitors from Ashland.

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Mommyof4Ms said...

awe! That is soooo sweet!!! That is a GREAT memory for Gillie:)