Thursday, May 29, 2008

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

RIP Mr Fly

I think he(she) died last night.

Ill refrain from showing pics of the dead fly.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Adventures in torture-the common housefly.

So we had a cookout today and invariably a few flies got in the open doors. There was one buzzing around and Ill be dipped if it didnt land in an open waterbottle on the kitchen island. So me,in all of my brilliance thought-'Ill drown the fly in the bottle!" I tell you what-God knew what he was doing when he created the house fly. I put the lid on the bottle and kinda shook it a little to get it wet,it didnt sink. Ok,so then I turned the bottle upside down so I could submerge it and kill it that way. THE FLY GOT A WATER BUBBLE AROUND IT AND SWAM UP THE SIDE OF THE BOTTLE AND RIGHT BACK UP TO THE TOP! After doing this over and over for about 15 mins I got the bright idea to shake the bottle hard to make the fly tired-NOPE. The stupid thing always landed on the top of the water and started buzzing around again. I thought about letting it go ouside,but then I thought about the karma of it all and how the stupid thing would prolly get back in the house and go up my nose in my sleep. So I left it in the bottle,took a sharpie and wrote "DONT DRINK THE FLY" on it.

Friday, May 23, 2008


I got the funk.....

Dont ask.


Today is the last day of school....

Part of me is so glad.Part of me knows how LONG this summer is going to be.

Im happy for the kids though.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Note to self....

If eating cereal makes your stomach hurt,dont eat cereal.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Can we catch a break?

Chris was out of town last week.Ellie was sick the whole time,diarrhea and fever.

So then Jude was sick over the weekend,high fever,weird.

So now Ellie has diarrhea AGAIN.

Im tired.

Monday, May 19, 2008

The Mayer...The Mayer...The Mayer

I put a music player on my page.

I love the Mayer.

The last song is my theme! LOL

(its not the Mayer)

Thursday, May 15, 2008

I thought this was friggin funny...

Mean Mean Mommy

So its Thursday,(duh) and for me,that means one thing.SMALLVILLE.

So I will be alone tonight,which means no Chris to do the bedtime routine-which will interfere with my tv time.

So the kids are going to bed 15 mins early.I will let them read,giggle,draw,etc.

If anyone interrupts me,Ill become mean mommy.

I created a green bag and I could use some votes....

I think its cute!

My friend and neighbor just moved.

I am sad.They came and hugged me goodbye.

They came in and left quickly,wich was good because I would have cried if they hung around for awhile.

I still have my friend Casey here,so all is good.Yes it is.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Who would believe...

This precious child farts like a grown man? Then LAUGHS about it?


Soper like?

Maybe a little.

Tired is as Tired Does

So Chris is out of town until Thursday night.So you read my previous post,I was busy yesterday.I could have added more things to it but I figured everyone had enough.

Ellie has a bit of a runny nose and some diarrhea.So she was up SCREAMING til 1 am with a belly ache and sore bum from pooping.

So I didnt get to sleep til after 1am,and woke with my delicate bladder screaming at me at 5:15.

Didnt fall back asleep.

So Ellie is next to me eating banana chunks at an alarming rate,and happy as a clam.It's just wrong.

Little kids are a weird species.

Monday, May 12, 2008

What I did today

Got out of bed
Went pee
Put pants on
Got the kids up
Went downstairs and put the cinnamon rice on the stove
Fed the cat
Fed the kids
Fed myself
Yelled at the kids a few times
Sent the 3 kids off to school
Took a shower
Read email
Made a phone call
Got Ellie and Jude up
Fed Ellie and Jude
Dressed Ellie and Jude
Put the other 3 kids in the car
Drove to Allys to look at baby clothes
Looked at baby clothes at Allys
Moved my car b/c I was blocking in her hubbys car
Bought baby clothes at Allys
Put the kids in the car.
Drove home
Fed the Boys chef boyardees
Gave Ellie a bottle
Put the kids in bed
Ate lunch
Put a coat of paint on the wall
Ate cheesecake
Put another coat on the wall after 30 mins
Drank coffee
Cleaned family room
Drug 2 rubbermaid totes to the livingroom
Showed Judes and the girls outgrown clothes to Merissa and Shannon
Got $25 from Merissa and Shannon for clothes
Changed Ellies up the back poopie diaper
Said goodbye to the visitors
Gave Ellie a bottle
Put her in the playpen with Cherrios
Changed another poopy diaper
Put her down for another nap
REad email
welcomed the kids home
Doled out chores! lol
Cooked dinner
Changed 2 of Judes poopy diapers within 15 mins
Ate dinner
Talked to neighbor who offered to watch kids so I c ould go to Target
Cleaned up kids
Took them to neighbors
Went to Target
Got stuff
Got coffee (decaf nonfat caramel latte)
Came home
got kids
Said prayers and made the kids say nice things about each other lol
Gave Ellie bottle
Put Ellie in bed
Turned off lights and tv upstairs
Turned off other lights
Snuggled briefly with cat
Put away Target stuff
Gave Maddie tylenol
Watched House
Made this list!

Feminine vs masculine douches

Ok,so I went to Target and Im in the feminine aisle.What can I say,its almost that time of the month....

Anyway-there is the row of douches.I notice on the boxes they all say FEMININE DOUCHES.

Which brings to mind the question....

Are there MALE douches?

I mean there are defintely some male DOUCHEBAGS out there.

Male douches though?

I shudder at the thought of where they would put it!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Jakes birthday present

He decided last night he wanted roller blades.

So we took him today after our IHOP Mothers Day extravaganza to get a pair.

He is scaring me to death.He thinks he is better at them than he really is.

I cant stand to watch him fall.I can totally see why they recommend the wrist guards and they will be purchased very soon.I will probably go to Target and get them when Chris gets home.

Photos later.

Happy Mothers Day and I have a winner!!!!

I hope all of my favorite mommies out there had a wonderful day.Each and every one of you deserve it!

Anywhoo.The winner is.......AMY BAUER!!!!

Here is my present.Its the coolest watch ever.It weighs about 10 pounds and it is just so cool.You could probably run over it with my car and it would still work.

It has little tiny diamonds in it.I just love it.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

The most beautiful and saddest song ever.

This song is darn near my favoritest song ever.

Its so sad but so so wonderful and beautiful musically.

Friday, May 9, 2008

I want this haircut.

First of all,I am a total dork for taking pics of my tv.

I like this girls haircut,and dangit I had to do it so Coby ( I <3 the guy)
can know what to do.

Its gonna be alot shorter-but I think I can swing it.

You may recognize this chick if you watch Guilding Light! LOL

School ends soon

Part of me is weary b/c Ellie is SOOOO high maintence right now..makes it hard to devote time to ANYTHING let alone all 6 kids.

The other part of me is so GLAD I wont have to do the before school routine anymore.

No more of Jakes huffing and puffing because he is too tired to get out of bed.

No more of constantly wanting to tell Micah to SHUT UP b/c his little man voice resonates through the whole house.

No more of having to tell Maddie to HURRY UP!

No more of having to ride Gillian like a pack mule to get her ready and telling her EVERY MOVE she has to make in the mornings.THIS IS NOT AN EXAGERATION.

No more missing bike helmets.

Well,for the summer anyway.

A wee contest...

Chris and Ellie went out last night and bought my Mothers day gift.

He showed me the box-but wouldnt tell me what is in it.

Who thinks they can guess?

The box is about 5-6 inches long and about 5 inches tall.

The person who guesses correctly gets a handmade piece of jewelry.Yes,I will make it.

If a guy guesses it right-Ill go to Walmart and get him a pair of socks or something.

Contest runs til midnight Saturday.

PS If more than one person guesses correctly Ill draw names out of a hat.

Leave your guess in the comments.

Thursday, May 8, 2008


Yeah I admit it,I call my kids idiots.

So sue me.

But they are.I guess they can't help it,I dont know.

Im hungry.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Judes got the funk

Thats Judes new thing.He heard the song "We got the funk"...

Now everything and everyone has the funk.

Even Diegos got the funk.

Sometimes he leaves out the n.

Pics of the new homestead


SHELF with the star I bought at the craft fair with Tracie and Julie.

I thought some of my friends/family might like to see some pics of the new house.
It really is my dream house-I just wish it wasnt where it is.I wish it was back in Russell Ky.

I dont have pics of the kids rooms-but it is just as well since they look like tornadoes went through them!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Cuteness 101

No other text needed.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Deep Fried Pickles

Yummy,crispy-crunchy, salty,pickley goodness.

Nothing to joke around about.

I dont know what that yellow stuff is though.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Tennessee Weather


Seems like it has done nothing but rain since we got here.A couple of months ago we had a full fledged tornado siren warning scare the hell out of the kids fiasco.We (correction I-since Chris was at work) had all of the kids huddled into a TINY bathroom,all of them screaming and freaking out.the same thing happened later that evening-all of them came FLYING out of bed,out if thier poor little feeble minds.So today there were tornadoes Northeast of us,the closest about an hour away.Unfortunately,they had tornado drills at school.Now,dont get me wrong,in theory,tornado drills are a great thing.However,when you have paranoid,hyper, easy to freak out children like I could scar them for life. Jake even told me his friends "really helped him through" the drills today.Poor kid,he may end up institutionalized if we live here for too long!

So right now,Chris and our neighbor Scott are all at the Big Foot Lodge getting the sasquatch burger.They also took 4 of Jakes friends-one being Scotts son.Those boys make Jake look like a shrinking violet.I mean-you almost smell the testosterone in the room when theyre all here.No...wait...thats the Axe body spray they doused the upstairs in.Whoops,my bad.

Anyhow,Chris has standing orders to being me home some deep friend pickles.
The movie below is a clip of the lightning tonight-doesnt seem like much but it has worstened since I posted it.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

May 1,2008

Today is Jake birthday.It seemed fitting to start this blog on the birthday of my firstborn.

He is 11 today.I feel old.

We asked what he wanted for his birthday dinner,and he wants to go to Red Robin.So-tonight we drag all 6 kids to Red Robin for hamburgers.

We dont have his birthday gift yet,he wont tell us what he wants.Correction-he wont give us a REASONABLE request.

When did gifts become so complicated? When he was little he loved to get Hot Wheels and things like that.He wants a LAPTOP now-thus the reasonable remark.

Sorry pal-aint gonna happen!

He is having a sleepover tommorow night with 4 of his friends.I am SO glad everyone he invited is coming.Since we just moved here I was worried they wouldnt.One thing I have learned though,is that people here dont mind sending thier kids to other peoples houses,even if they dont know you from adam!

So tommorow night he and his friends will have a sasquatch burger to share.Its a HUGE hamburger,if a single person can eat it they get it for free.I think it costs about $22.Here is the website to where they are going:

Jake and Chris went there 2 weeks ago and brought home so much of the sandwich we fed the whole family lunch with the leftovers.It was really quite yummy.OH-and he also brought home deep fried pickles.I have to put in an order for those!

So the kids will be home soon-I must sign off for now.HAPPY BIRTHDAY JACOB!!!