Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Conversations with my children

If you're my friend on Facebook you may have already seen these-but I had to share these on my blog.

‎...conversation with Ellie last night:

Me: (while I sweep up the dry oatmeal she spilled) Ellie,you sure made a huge mess!
Ellie: I didnt make that mess!
Me: My heiney you didnt make this mess!
...Ellie: I didnt make this mess on your heiney mommy!
Another conversation with the kids last night,talking about our spaghetti sauce.

Jude: Does the sauce have meatballs?
Me: No,just ground beef.
Jake:Does it have cheese it in already? It looks like it has cheese in it.
...Ellie: It looks like diarrhea.
I wish I kept better track of these little anecdotes,but lets be brain is like mush!