Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Boots n noodles

I really miss blogging. I dont know why I dont do it more often.It is probably because I am crazy busy with the kids.Ellie is like a little blue streak,I can barely keep up with her.Right now she is only in a diaper and a pair of rain boots that are 4 sizes too big.Try taking them off of her and she will hurt me.Its not pretty.She is also carrying around a pack of noodles.As soon as she saw me coming she threw them and sat down and refused to let me take her pic.I fooled her though-even though it is blurry I got it!

Im in a quandry with Jude,he just wont potty train.He does ok with "#1" but "#2" is not happening in the potty,period.Not even once.He turned 4 in June,and I have tried everything short of chaining him to the toilet and nothing works.Makes me wonder how I did when I was little,maybe I should ask my Mom.LOL

Well,the kids I have noticed my attention is elsewhere and theyre starting to break things,so ends this installment.


kyslp said...

Love the rain boots! I would have been following you but lost your link in the computer switch. Also, didn't realize you were back at it.

No potty training advice here. I can't say on the internet what all we went through to get Jackson trained.....,

Stephanie said...

i dont know what to do with him.I DO remember when you were training Jackson though!