Thursday, October 8, 2009

Open letter to my Zits.

Dear Zits,

You have been with me since I was about 15.We have had a long,tiresome,and completely parasitic relationship.

Now,I realize everyone needs a home,and I respect that.I gotta tell ya though-youre a CRAPPY roommate and Ive had enough.

Im giving you notice.You have until October 16th to vacate the premises.Let your friends and family who might be visiting soon also know,that they are no longer welcome.

Thanks for reading this.I wanted to have it notorized to make it official,but the kids are napping and Im not waking them up.

Formerly known as your breeding ground,



Colettester said...

Please please please let me know if this works for you 'cause if it does I am SO writing one to my Aunt Flow.

Stephanie said...

Im composing my letter to her right now.How coincidental! LOL

kyslp said...

Is that the date of your reunion?

Stephanie said...

The reunion is the 17th! LOL