Monday, January 10, 2011


Ok,I am on the downhill stretch to 40.I turn that dreaded number in November.I am about 30 pounds overweight.(WOW-I just put that out there.Ouch)

Two summers ago I did the South Beach diet and lost 25 pounds.Well,alot has happened since then and I have gained it all back.I started back on it a week ago and I have lost 3 ounces.The last time I lost 5 pounds in a week! I dont know what I am doing wrong!  Is because I am closer to 40? My body is different now.I dont know.UUUUUGH....I just don't want to get myself down and fall off the wagon.I feel so much better.More energy,less bellyaches,etc.I need to stick with this! Encourage me people!


Anonymous said...

Stick with it! It will come off eventually. (Says the person who cried when she stepped on the scale yesterday.)

Stephanie said...

Im about to cry.Actually I DID cry yesterday when Chris told me he has lost 3 pounds and I have lost nothing.Actually the scale said I gained over a pound from yesterday to today.I just dont get it. WAAAAAAAAAH.

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