Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Conversations with my children

If you're my friend on Facebook you may have already seen these-but I had to share these on my blog.

‎...conversation with Ellie last night:

Me: (while I sweep up the dry oatmeal she spilled) Ellie,you sure made a huge mess!
Ellie: I didnt make that mess!
Me: My heiney you didnt make this mess!
...Ellie: I didnt make this mess on your heiney mommy!
Another conversation with the kids last night,talking about our spaghetti sauce.

Jude: Does the sauce have meatballs?
Me: No,just ground beef.
Jake:Does it have cheese it in already? It looks like it has cheese in it.
...Ellie: It looks like diarrhea.
I wish I kept better track of these little anecdotes,but lets be brain is like mush!


Anonymous said...

Ha! Love my lil Sopers.

You'll have to start blogging the cuteness more often.

Alexis AKA MOM said...

hehe I freaking love love it, the kids sayings always make me laugh :)

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