Friday, May 2, 2008

Tennessee Weather


Seems like it has done nothing but rain since we got here.A couple of months ago we had a full fledged tornado siren warning scare the hell out of the kids fiasco.We (correction I-since Chris was at work) had all of the kids huddled into a TINY bathroom,all of them screaming and freaking out.the same thing happened later that evening-all of them came FLYING out of bed,out if thier poor little feeble minds.So today there were tornadoes Northeast of us,the closest about an hour away.Unfortunately,they had tornado drills at school.Now,dont get me wrong,in theory,tornado drills are a great thing.However,when you have paranoid,hyper, easy to freak out children like I could scar them for life. Jake even told me his friends "really helped him through" the drills today.Poor kid,he may end up institutionalized if we live here for too long!

So right now,Chris and our neighbor Scott are all at the Big Foot Lodge getting the sasquatch burger.They also took 4 of Jakes friends-one being Scotts son.Those boys make Jake look like a shrinking violet.I mean-you almost smell the testosterone in the room when theyre all here.No...wait...thats the Axe body spray they doused the upstairs in.Whoops,my bad.

Anyhow,Chris has standing orders to being me home some deep friend pickles.
The movie below is a clip of the lightning tonight-doesnt seem like much but it has worstened since I posted it.

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