Sunday, May 25, 2008

Adventures in torture-the common housefly.

So we had a cookout today and invariably a few flies got in the open doors. There was one buzzing around and Ill be dipped if it didnt land in an open waterbottle on the kitchen island. So me,in all of my brilliance thought-'Ill drown the fly in the bottle!" I tell you what-God knew what he was doing when he created the house fly. I put the lid on the bottle and kinda shook it a little to get it wet,it didnt sink. Ok,so then I turned the bottle upside down so I could submerge it and kill it that way. THE FLY GOT A WATER BUBBLE AROUND IT AND SWAM UP THE SIDE OF THE BOTTLE AND RIGHT BACK UP TO THE TOP! After doing this over and over for about 15 mins I got the bright idea to shake the bottle hard to make the fly tired-NOPE. The stupid thing always landed on the top of the water and started buzzing around again. I thought about letting it go ouside,but then I thought about the karma of it all and how the stupid thing would prolly get back in the house and go up my nose in my sleep. So I left it in the bottle,took a sharpie and wrote "DONT DRINK THE FLY" on it.

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