Friday, May 9, 2008

School ends soon

Part of me is weary b/c Ellie is SOOOO high maintence right now..makes it hard to devote time to ANYTHING let alone all 6 kids.

The other part of me is so GLAD I wont have to do the before school routine anymore.

No more of Jakes huffing and puffing because he is too tired to get out of bed.

No more of constantly wanting to tell Micah to SHUT UP b/c his little man voice resonates through the whole house.

No more of having to tell Maddie to HURRY UP!

No more of having to ride Gillian like a pack mule to get her ready and telling her EVERY MOVE she has to make in the mornings.THIS IS NOT AN EXAGERATION.

No more missing bike helmets.

Well,for the summer anyway.


Christina said...

I am with you Steph, SO glad the school routine is almost over!!!!

Ellen Jurado said...

But at least when they are at school, you don't have to hear them say, "I'm bored" 50 times a day, & someone else has to play referee. My kids are way more intimidated by teachers than they are by me. . . & I've got the real power.

Stephanie said...

Isnt that the truth Ellen?

Very annoying.

Noodle said...

Heheh! Both of mine are high maintenance when they want to be, so I totally relate!