Thursday, May 1, 2008

May 1,2008

Today is Jake birthday.It seemed fitting to start this blog on the birthday of my firstborn.

He is 11 today.I feel old.

We asked what he wanted for his birthday dinner,and he wants to go to Red Robin.So-tonight we drag all 6 kids to Red Robin for hamburgers.

We dont have his birthday gift yet,he wont tell us what he wants.Correction-he wont give us a REASONABLE request.

When did gifts become so complicated? When he was little he loved to get Hot Wheels and things like that.He wants a LAPTOP now-thus the reasonable remark.

Sorry pal-aint gonna happen!

He is having a sleepover tommorow night with 4 of his friends.I am SO glad everyone he invited is coming.Since we just moved here I was worried they wouldnt.One thing I have learned though,is that people here dont mind sending thier kids to other peoples houses,even if they dont know you from adam!

So tommorow night he and his friends will have a sasquatch burger to share.Its a HUGE hamburger,if a single person can eat it they get it for free.I think it costs about $22.Here is the website to where they are going:

Jake and Chris went there 2 weeks ago and brought home so much of the sandwich we fed the whole family lunch with the leftovers.It was really quite yummy.OH-and he also brought home deep fried pickles.I have to put in an order for those!

So the kids will be home soon-I must sign off for now.HAPPY BIRTHDAY JACOB!!!

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SheDevil said...

Happy belated birthday to Jake!