Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Tired is as Tired Does

So Chris is out of town until Thursday night.So you read my previous post,I was busy yesterday.I could have added more things to it but I figured everyone had enough.

Ellie has a bit of a runny nose and some diarrhea.So she was up SCREAMING til 1 am with a belly ache and sore bum from pooping.

So I didnt get to sleep til after 1am,and woke with my delicate bladder screaming at me at 5:15.

Didnt fall back asleep.

So Ellie is next to me eating banana chunks at an alarming rate,and happy as a clam.It's just wrong.

Little kids are a weird species.


Heat_herJeanne said...

Try to get some rest today. Not that easy but TRY!

Stephanie said...

Aint gonna happen!

All 3 kids JUST went down,I will eat my first meal of the day,get showered and by then Ellie will be up.

Noodle said...

UGH! Those nights are the worst! I hope the day got better!