Monday, May 12, 2008

What I did today

Got out of bed
Went pee
Put pants on
Got the kids up
Went downstairs and put the cinnamon rice on the stove
Fed the cat
Fed the kids
Fed myself
Yelled at the kids a few times
Sent the 3 kids off to school
Took a shower
Read email
Made a phone call
Got Ellie and Jude up
Fed Ellie and Jude
Dressed Ellie and Jude
Put the other 3 kids in the car
Drove to Allys to look at baby clothes
Looked at baby clothes at Allys
Moved my car b/c I was blocking in her hubbys car
Bought baby clothes at Allys
Put the kids in the car.
Drove home
Fed the Boys chef boyardees
Gave Ellie a bottle
Put the kids in bed
Ate lunch
Put a coat of paint on the wall
Ate cheesecake
Put another coat on the wall after 30 mins
Drank coffee
Cleaned family room
Drug 2 rubbermaid totes to the livingroom
Showed Judes and the girls outgrown clothes to Merissa and Shannon
Got $25 from Merissa and Shannon for clothes
Changed Ellies up the back poopie diaper
Said goodbye to the visitors
Gave Ellie a bottle
Put her in the playpen with Cherrios
Changed another poopy diaper
Put her down for another nap
REad email
welcomed the kids home
Doled out chores! lol
Cooked dinner
Changed 2 of Judes poopy diapers within 15 mins
Ate dinner
Talked to neighbor who offered to watch kids so I c ould go to Target
Cleaned up kids
Took them to neighbors
Went to Target
Got stuff
Got coffee (decaf nonfat caramel latte)
Came home
got kids
Said prayers and made the kids say nice things about each other lol
Gave Ellie bottle
Put Ellie in bed
Turned off lights and tv upstairs
Turned off other lights
Snuggled briefly with cat
Put away Target stuff
Gave Maddie tylenol
Watched House
Made this list!


Noodle said...

Busy day!

Hey, next time you're at Starbucks try the Honey Frappucino, but have them make it with the creme base instead of the regular frap base. Then have them add a shot of espresso. FAB! My current favorite indulgence. :)

Stephanie said...

I have had the honey latte actually.They are unreal good.

Ill try it that way though!

Is the cream base more fattening? :-)

Noodle said...

Oh heck yeah, I'm sure it is more fattening that way!

Hey, I tagged you for a meme!